You know you have a toddler 2.0…

So I feel as though it’s time for an updated list.

If your wee one is still in the early stages of this wonderful phase then I’d highly recommend you go back and check out my previous blog. If, like us though, you are well and truly entrenched in the toddler-hood then hopefully you will relate to one or two of my personal observations.

Here we go, in no particular order…

  1. You sing or hum Wiggles songs ALL. DAMN. DAY.
  2. You choose your supermarket based on the brand of dry shampoo they stock
  3. Your minor OCD tendencies have morphed into CBF’d ones
  4. You used to enjoy long lazy lunches on the weekend but now every meal is a long one and the novelty is wearing off
  5. You find every utensil in your kitchen is now a play dough play thing
  6. You’re constantly trying to squeeze into hiding places that you shouldn’t but your tiny person is surprisingly convincing
  7. You think you might be ready for another baby but by the time your head hits the pillow you’ve changed your mind
  8. You haven’t even gone to bed yet and you’re already looking forward to your morning coffee
  9. You’ve swapped your black slimming clothes, as well as the light snot friendly ones, for whatever is dry and convincingly clean
  10. Your concept of clean is quite different to what it used to be
  11. You always have a tissue handy
  12. You therefore always have a rouge tissue go through the wash
  13. You’ve started preparing for the morning routine the night before by sitting your coffee cup conveniently close to the kettle
  14. You forgot what it felt like to have a teething baby for 10 minutes but then…molars
  15. You never knew a song with ONE word could be so catchy, case in point “poppadom – poppadom -poppa – poppa – poppadom -poppadom – poppa – poppa -poppadom” (The Wiggles)
  16. You’re grieving for the long afternoon naps that suddenly disappeared
  17. You never eat your two year old’s treats but the cluster of carefully hidden cupcake wrappers suggest otherwise
  18. You explain EXACTLY what you’re doing 75,431 times a day
  19. You’re way past yoghurt drops. It’s chocolate or tantrum nothing
  20. You spend too much time making dinners you know won’t get eaten
  21. You swear you never loose your temper but when your child slaps a flat surface and shouts “NO” in a cross voice, you realise you’re sadly mistaken
  22. You just want one sleep in but you get up at 5am, drink copious amounts of coffee and watch cartoons instead
  23. Your car interior could be confused with the pick and mix isle at Pak n Save
  24. You have no loose change lying around the house anymore but someone has a suspiciously heavy piggy bank
  25. You basically have no idea what you’re doing but when you look around, you realise YOU’RE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Until next time



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