My toddler will break me before you do.

If I had the time or the energy to respond to all the negative comments on the the Newshub article about my most recent blog, this is what I would start with. Although, I’m pretty sure that there would be a few more choice words and a MF in there somewhere too if I’m honest.

The fact that this blog in particular blew up more than I expected it to and the negative sentiments shared about it has not broken me. In fact, it’s made me stronger. Those of you who know me well, know I don’t do confrontation. I rarely speak my mind and I certainly don’t openly judge other people. I have always given too much thought to how others see me.

This has taught me to stand tall in spite of what others think or say.

We have such a belittling culture in our country it’s no wonder we have a massive mental health issue. People are made to feel as though their struggles aren’t valid unless they’re on the bottom of the pile. From some of the comments I can only conclude that those people didn’t get it or didn’t actually read it. Frankly, it’s not a competition about how tired everyone is or how many hours everyone works. It was simply sharing a perspective that some people may not completely understand.

The message was not political, it was personal.

Those comments made my heart race which is why I stopped reading them after an hour. Just as those people made huge assumptions about me and my life I can only assume that they’re unhappy with the way theirs has turned out that they feel the need to have an opinion about some one else’s.

What I’ve learned is that sharing your story takes courage. I shared what I did because that is how I felt. Writing my thoughts down and sharing them with friends has become my personal way of dealing with my mind when those thoughts take over.

If you are struggling with anything at the moment, no matter how insignificant it may seem, I would encourage you to share it with some one. In words or in writing, in your own name or anonymously. Just get it out of you and start healing.

There is comfort in knowing there are others who feel the same way as you. There are also lessons to learn from those who don’t.





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