Why I’m ALWAYS late

I wasn’t always late.

In fact, I absolutely HATE being late. It makes me feel lazy and stressed at the same time – if that’s even possible??

Well meaning Linda’s say “honey, you’re just not prioritising your time” but Linda, honey, that’s just not true. Don’t you remember how it feels to wrangle a small child into their car seat when they just don’t want to go?

I’m not late because I slept in, or had a long shower, or spent half an hour drawing on my eyebrows.

I didn’t straighten my hair or iron my clothes.

I didn’t sit down at the table and enjoy my breakfast while reading the paper.

I didn’t go for a run or do yoga on my living room floor.


It’s because while I was rinsing the breakfast dishes I noticed that the scraps needed emptying.

So I emptied them.

Then on my way to the compost bin I passed the laundry and remembered that the washing I put on last night needed to be hung out.

So I went to do that.

But when I went to fill the clothes basket there was already a load of washing in it that I didn’t have the energy to fold the night before.

So I emptied it onto the other two loads piled up on the couch.

Then I went back to the laundry to get the wet washing again but on my way I saw my daughter eating the dogs biscuits.

So I went over and explained why we don’t eat dog biscuits.


While I was there I saw that the dogs water bowl was almost empty.

So I refilled that.

Then I went to the clothes line to hang out the washing and when I came back the dogs water was spilled all over the floor.

So I cleaned that up and spent the next three minutes trying to find a dry set of tiny socks.

While I was hunting through the washing pile, my child also found her favourite top.

So then we just HAD to put that one on instead.

While we were changing her top I saw that I hadn’t even washed her face or brushed her teeth yet.

So we went and did that.

Then we put our shoes on…

Seriously. Stay calm. Remain CALM!

Finally, I pick up all the bags, the files, the snacks and the child and walk to the car.

I don’t know where the next 12 minutes go but POOF! They vanish!

I turn the key and as we drive away I realise I forgot to pack my lunch. I also forgot to get something out for dinner. And I can’t for the life of me remember whether I locked the front door or not. The small but mighty child in the back seat also pipes up and decides they would like to eat their toast now; even though they refused it for the last hour and had a huge bowl of cereal instead.

Of course, half way down the drive way, now you want the toast.

Cue tantrum #573.

I pull over and gently explain why we can’t go back for the toast and how she should have eaten it when it was offered. Then out come the gummy vitamins (aka “lollies”) aaaaand we’re off again!

Only 27 minutes late today. Not bad.

I sigh and remember how lucky I am to have that small dragon child in my back seat sucking on her lollies. I think about the piping hot coffee I’m going to sip when I finally sit down at my desk. I take a deep breath and start to mentally prepare myself for the  daycare drop off and tell myself I’m doing my best. 

And that’s enough.

I want to leave you today with a little quote that I have pinned to my home screen at work. I look at it every Tuesday and Thursday morning when I’m sitting at my desk questioning my choice to be a working mum. It says…

“I, myself, am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions”
Augusten Burroughs.

And that my friends is enough.

You, are enough.





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